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Full Version: New Fourth Turning Forum on facebook
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I have started a public Fourth Turning facebook Group. There are facebook groups on all kinds of interests; dozens and dozens even on such interests of mine as ambient music and astrology, but none on generations and turnings or the S&H book and related subjects-- except secret groups. This approach does not further or attract public interest in this subject very much. So this new group is a public group open to all, except those who have blocked or kicked me or whom I have blocked, with a focus on the ideas and interests, and NOT on advice for or gossip about other posters or admins. I encourage those open to discussion, and those from all perspectives, to apply to join. I am the admin for now, but if we get more participants I will assign other willing moderators as well.

I won't abandon this venerable group and its current offspring, in which I have participated since 1997 and have been the most prolific poster. But I notice that a few ideologues not open to others' opinions are starting to dominate, 3 in particular right now, and the discussion is stuck in a rut a lot of times with these few folks. Also, the moderator has skipped the scene and so spam is increasing. I have thought about creating an alternative forum for some time, and now seems the time to open it. 

Of course, facebook is not appealing for everyone, but it is certainly easy to start a group there, although I and others are subject to facebook rules which can get a bit restrictive sometimes. I myself am not big on censorship or counseling other peoples' conduct, or those who do those things to me.

Apply to join here:
Joined (Joel Leagans). I tried a similar thing with reddit but facebook is probably a smarter seque venue.