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Full Version: Generations in general, between generations, etc.
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Some fun news! This Fall Survivor will feature "Millennials vs. Gen X" as their competing team alliances. The trailer featured a lot of discussions about the two by each other, and why their generation is better and the other less likely to win, etc. So, Strauss and Howe becomes reality TV! 

Too bad Boomers are left out. Some boomers still compete on the regular shows, but they are less common now. I am not so easily reconciled with Boomers being less prominent, or even no longer considered the younger generation! The newer ones are so clueless about so many things. Not that many Boomers today have not also joined the Clueless America Club; they have! Just look at who supports the Tea Party and Donald Trump. But I have some hope for millennials at least in politics, if they learn some civics that is. And of course, a few pop Millennial pop icons as opposed to the grungy Gen X ones.

I still like Survivor and watch it regularly. The original reality TV show of our era, it does focus on real personalities in depth and how they deal with the rigors of the game. I don't like the other reality shows. But, with no money, talent, or real concern with intellectual and moral depth being present in Broadcast TV comedies and dramas today, Survivor is the only thing left to watch except PBS, oldies and game shows. And of course it's a game show too.
Hm, I guess that'll put the S&H theory of Nomads/Xers being more individual oriented and Civics/Millies being more team oriented...
Both have something valuable to help survive. Xers of course know how to survive individually and are very independent. My generation naturally relies on teamwork. Even i am interested in this show now and i loathe "reality" shows. I wonder which team would win? Xer independence or millie teamwork? I suppose it depends on the rules. As i do not watch survivor i do not know what the rules would be. The rules may work more in favour to the stronger characteristics of one group over another and that could give an edge to the team it favours. Oh well we shall see. I suppose it will be avail on youtube sometime so the kiwi can see it. Big Grin
Gen X might have an edge if being less supervised in life gives one an advantage in the Survivor Game. The whole concept is ultra-typical Gen X, and the host Jeff Probst is about the most hyper-archetypal Gen Xer that one could imagine, although it turns out he's a cusper born in Nov.1961.
(05-19-2016, 09:31 PM)Bronco80 Wrote: [ -> ]Hm, I guess that'll put the S&H theory of Nomads/Xers being more individual oriented and Civics/Millies being more team oriented...

My money is on Generation X, they have a gift for survival and tend to be really good at figuring things out.  It comes with the over developed sense of self-preservation so many of us have.  In fact they will probably do better at the endgame where team work is less of an issue.