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Full Version: the best songs ever: the lost years
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Here is a thread to cover the best songs of the 3T, which Eric seems to have completely skipped over in his thread, aside from a couple of New Age things.  Please  feel free to contribute, I'm sure I'll miss a lot of good stuff!  

Rather than going backwards in time, this thread will go from the beginning of the turning to the end.  I'm going to start a little earlier, though, since the early 80s really didn't get covered very well in Eric's thread.  So here we are, in the last years of the 2T--



Oh god I am going to have a blast here! I will post plenty don't you worry! Bring on the song abominations called the music of the 3T!  Big Grin

That one was from 1982. These next songs are from 1983

You have no idea how much fun I am having lol thanks for putting this thread up!

Of course we cannot leave 1983 without a shout out to Cyndi!

Now onto the year I was born! 1984!

Here is another one from about that time.  When played on the radio it was a coin toss if it would be in German or English.

This was apparently released on my birthday the year i was born

Very pleased this came out the year I was born!

Here is something that I rather liked at the time.  It both captured some of the mood at the time and yet was an escape from it.  While this is the original version it was a victim of what would later be called political correctness.

The GIs, of course, instantly recognized it and were somewhat surprised by its popularity.

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