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Full Version: Sarkar's Theories And The Saeculum
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Prabhat Sarkar's theory of recurring "warrior," "intellectual" and "acquisitive" ages, always in that order, harmonizes perfectly with the S&H saeculum, in that each such age encompasses two S&H saecula - the current cycle's warrior age commencing at the conclusion of the Wars of the Roses and ending with the Glorious Revolution, and its ensuing intellectual age ending with the Civil War in the United States, and roughly concomitantly elsewhere.

The present acquisitive age is now in the last days of its second saeculum - so a new warrior age is slated to begin with the resolution of this 4T; and it is quite plausible that what we have been calling "modernity" will end also, forcing presumably Millennial historians to call the foregoing something else, because the new warrior age will usher in what will then be "modern."

Discuss (originally posted in the old-school Fourth Turning forum).
The Warrior begins the organization of society, and hence civilization as well as communal identity. Thus the women do not belong in practice to the berserker from the neighboring tribe who can seize them in a raid. The Warrior who can fashion weapons can also fashion farming tools (thus "swords into plowshares") and might learn how to use the technique for building a defensive ditch into an irrigation ditch. The Warrior is typically very much a man (the Warrior sounds much like a Civic type) , and while he may be able to do things on a big scale he is not good at the fine details.   Others will have to work on the details for which the Warrior has neither the talent nor the temperament. But there's not much inequality; there's been no time for accumulation of assets in private hands.

So the Warrior might win battles on the field yet lose the gains at the negotiating table. For that he needs some adept negotiators. The newly-civilized order needs a code of laws, some record-keeping, mathematicians to do some calculating, some magistrates to codify and enforce the laws,  and some technicians to monitor the irrigation ditches or other public works. There may be a need for priests to connect the rules of law to the will of powers far beyond humans.  And the successful Warrior wants his palace decorated, so art comes into being. Those activities are for thinkers (the Intellectuals) more than for those who order and initiate big projects.  Yes, the priest might 'only' be a witch-doctor, but he might be necessary. The Artist-like

The Intellectual is the person who first makes his money by thinking more than by doing. But it is hardly surprising that the intellectuals turn on each other. Smart people often get the hint as Intellectual factions start killing each other over sedition and heresy and start to get scared. Some smart people turn to business which can use the record-keeping, calculating,  and fine-tuning words. That is commerce, something that the Warriors find too detailed and that the Intellectual elite consider "beneath" their noble selves. (Just think of the contempt that Plato shows for merchants in his Republic. A merchant culture is prosperous -- but it also creates great disparities of economic result, and it also creates a climate of invidious greed. As the merchant culture attracts attention for its successes the common man sees easy money and starts wanting it.

The masses want to get rich quick, and they become receptive to demagogues and con artists. They don't want to start with a shoestring business that requires work to grow; they want it all NOW!  It just does not work. Everything falls to pieces.

In comes the Warrior to set things straight.
Christianity was founded during the first warrior age.

Islam was founded during the first intellectual age - and Muslims (the Moors) invaded and occupied Spain, Portugal and Sicily.

As the first "acquisitive-cum-laborer" age was winding down, Muslims (the Turks) destroyed the Christian Byzantine Empire.

Fast-forward to the present:

Islam is baaaaack, menacing Christianity again - and in an acquisitive-cum-laborer age!