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Full Version: The Republican Party Is Pushing Trump Toward a War With Black Lives Matter
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Quote:Despite his history of inflammatory, racist rhetoric, there are times when Donald Trump can be circumspect. This election cycle, he’s focused most of his bigotry on immigrants, whether the undocumented from Mexico or Muslims from the Middle East (or judges from Indiana). He’s been a bit more careful in how he treats African-Americans—not tolerant, exactly, but also not calling for a wall around Chicago either...
Am I the only one who conflates David Clarke with Dathan from The Ten Commandments?
What is wrong with the concept that black lives matter? They had better matter!

Police forces need to treat black people as if they were white, and single them out only of they show signals of hostility toward the police (as with gang paraphernalia -- as it would be appropriate to single out white people for gang paraphernalia). Listening to the 'wrong' music? Tough. Don't expect black people to have the same culture as white people.
It's time to throw up our hands the way the city of Boston did in 1850, in effect decreeing that only Irish cops shall henceforth patrol Irish neighborhoods - then they hired enough of same to implement said policy.