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Full Version: These 2 polls on how Hispanics feel about Trump and Clinton may surprise you
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So snow the Washington Post is running clickbait headlines ugh.

Quote:Over the weekend, I wrote a piece breaking down Donald Trump's remarkably poor performance among Catholics. Some folks disagreed with the premise, arguing that there isn't really even a "Catholic vote" at all — that it's not homogeneous enough to consider it a voter bloc.
But every voter group has significant differences within it. And in fact, new data suggest that there's a little-publicized and rather large difference if you look closely at one of the most-discussed demographics of the 2016 election: Hispanics.
A Gallup poll shows that Hillary Clinton maintains a very big advantage among Hispanic voters — just as you might expect. Democrats, after all, have won this group by increasing margins in presidential elections, and that's a major GOP sore spot, given how quickly the U.S. Hispanic population is rising....
The white Catholic vote needs to be spun off from all future polls on Catholic voters.