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Full Version: Happy birthday, Boomers!
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Your generation has started to turn 75.

GIs -- 117

Silent -- 93

13th/X -- 56

Millennial -- 36

Homeland -- ill-defined divide.

Next idealists? Ask in about seven years.

So far as I know, the oldest living person with a verifiable birthdate was born in 1900.
I'd say that the Neo-Prophets have at least another 9 years before they show up. Probably a bit longer depending on if the 4T started 10 or 12 years ago.

Then again I was saying years ago that the Silents had already mostly aged out of the population, or at least culture. There have always been nonagenarians and centenarians running around. Just more than previously (which of course leads to people who are incompetent at math--like Eric the Ignoramus) to believe that life spans have lengthened when they have not, merely the average lifespan. (Which of course is affected by a lack of people dying in infancy, and people staying in good health a slight bit longer due to sanitation and modern medicine--and sanitation is responsible for the greater portion of that increased average.)

As for generation Zed, if we assume that the 4T started between 2006-2009 then Zeds should have started to be born around 2003 at the latest. Though my 1999 cohort son claims to not be a Millie he likely is, he just doesn't identify with that generation because he thinks most of the older people in that generation are (in his words) "fucktarded".