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Full Version: Kim Stanley Robinson
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Is he the ultimate boomer writer? I mean, ultimate boomer Leftist writer. He mixes science fiction, environmentalist and Marxist themes, in a way that is quite enjoyable for me, although my ideals are different. In his 2312, he imagines a future Solar System under a cooperative system based on today's Mondragon. This scenario also features transgenderism becoming totally mainstream. I hope this doesn't come true. I prefer to date actual women. Also, pair bonding is abandoned in favour of having more casual sex. Very hippie! He also states in the book that the presence of animals is something required for us to be fully human. As a proud dog lover, I agree. But he seems to live close to wild animals. I feel it's something Eric the Green could explain better.

From Wikipedia :Politically, Robinson describes himself as a democratic socialist, going on to say that libertarianism has never "[made] any sense to me, nor sounds attractive as a principle.

I am more of a Christian-Democrat than socialist, and I positively despise those who want to ignite class conflict. But I'd prefer to live under a Mondragon-style socialism than under libertarianism.