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Full Version: Turning-dependent jokes
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I like to read old jokebooks and such, hence I often find jokes that don't fit that much into our time. This is a thread for them.

Here's one from 1T for a start:

A G.I. tells his wife: "It's time we give the kids the talk how the world really works!"

Wife: "No, please don't, they still so young and innocent!"

Husband (sighs): "Listen - we always told the kids that the good Lord provides the daily bread, Santa brings the gifts, and the stork delivers the babies, right?"

Wife: "Yes - and?"

Husband: "The kids are starting to believe that I was just a useless bum!"

That's typical for 1T - parents who believe in Dr. Spock, "we need idealistic kids" and all that, spoiling them rotten... and that's the result: ungrateful brats who don't know jack!
This innocence would be more typical of Silent than Boomer children.
(03-02-2019, 08:57 AM)Bill the Piper Wrote: [ -> ]This innocence would be more typical of Silent than Boomer children.

Boomers had the protective umbrella of the GIs, who knew best after all.   Big Grin   Don't discount the formative times for the results that happened later.  Naïve in youth is not naivete in adulthood.
A joke from 1T:

A man is standing next to a machine and advertises it to the passersby as the new shaving machine. One man asks how it works. The first man explains: "Just stick your head into it, and it'll shave you automatically - faster than the best barber could do!"

The man is curious and wants to try it, but backs off in the last moment: "Don't all people have individual headshapes?"
"Only the first time you use it!"
Good jokes.

What do you call a man who in a 3T lies to get his hands on other people's money to build houses far beyond the ability of customers who sells those houses to them on their shaky or non-existent credit without concern for whether the customers pay the loans after five years and lives like a sultan?

A financial genius!

What do you call the same person in a 4T?

His number in the penal system!

A 2T joke:

A teenage daughter is allowed to go on her first un-chaperoned party. When she comes back, the nervous parents ask: "And, what did you do there?"
"I don't know what's it called, but this is going to be my new hobby!"
These jokes are a great introduction to S&H! I hope the 2030s won't be that gory.
1T joke:

Teacher (Nomad, Hero, Silent?): "If you ever are in doubt how a word is written, just check the dictionary!"
Boomer kid: "But I'm never in doubt!"
2T joke again:

Boomer teenage daughter listening to rock 'n' roll music: "Have you ever heard such a great sound?"
G.I. father: "Yeah, that one time when two trucks collided. One of them had loaded empty milk cans, and the other one grunting pigs!"

A Boomer boy is sitting in the garden, crying. His grandfather (Lost) asks what's going on.

Boy: "Daddy [G.I.] doesn't want to play 'Cowboys and Indians' with me!"
Grandfather: "Stop wailing, I'll play 'Cowboys and Indians' with you!"
Boy: "That doesn't work, gramps! You're already scalped!"