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Full Version: William Blake's mythology
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I've noticed the four "Zoas" into which Albion the primeval man was divided correspond quite well to the four generational archetypes:
  • Tharmas: representing instinct and strength. - Nomadic
  • Urizen: reason, conventional society - Civic
  • Luvah: love, passion and emotive faculties - Artistic.
  • Urthona, also known as Los: inspiration and the imagination - Prophetic.

Blake also depicted four feminine "emanations":
  • The sexual Enion is an emanation from Tharmas. - Nomadic "dangerous woman".
  • The intellectual Ahania is an emanation from Urizen. - Clearly Civic.
  • The nature-loving Vala is an emanation from Luvah. - Could be connected to the Artistic archetype, though she clearly is inspired by Artemis.
  • The spiritual, musical and poetic Enitharmon is an emanation from Los / Urthona. - Prophetic again.
Another symbols I like from Blake are Rahab and Tirzah. Both are seductive and cruel goddesses.

Blake was critical of the Enlightenment, so he always slagged off Voltaire and Rousseau. Blake associated Voltaire with Rahab, a deity symbolizing arrogant intellect in his personal mythos. In fact Voltaire was almost like a Bolshevik without the class struggle. He supported autocratic rule of "enlightened" tyrants like Catherine and Frederic and of course wanted civilization to subdue nature. Then Rousseau was a spokesman of Tirzah, the goddess of sex, desire and wild nature.

China would be Rahab made a country. All forms of authoritarian modernism like Marxism exhibit Rahab's traits, and so do proto-modernist societies like Thomistic Catholic Church, the Roman Empire and its successors in Germany and Russia (who called itself Third Rome).

Tirzah would be represented by pop-culture, and the countercultures that worship sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Modern American Left is Tirzah made a political movement.