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Full Version: Continuity from Obama to Trump
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I feel like I posted something like this already but I can't find it. I'm thinking about what policies are continuations from the Obama era to the Trump era; despite how different the two Presidents are in temperament. Two stand out-

* Increased immigration enforcement. Trump is getting the blame for kids in cages, but the crackdown and lowering of immigration rates happened under Obama.

* Withdrawal from global affairs. Trump gets blamed for "abandoning the Kurds," but consider that Obama was given a Nobel Peace Prize for pulling the U.S. out of Iraq.

In both these cases, both Presidents were acting like 4T leaders. 

Are there any other examples people can think of?
Obama went after criminal aliens, even if such went to spouse-beaters, drunk drivers, and minor drug offenders who ordinarily might have gotten off with slaps on their wrists if citizens. But we know the rules, and the line must be drawn somewhere.

Leaving Iraq was at the insistence of the Iraqi government (regrettably that made the rise of ISIS possible, but deeds often have unforeseen consequences).