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Full Version: Fiction Becoming Fact??
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Well, not fact.... but..

I ALMOST posted here a thread about a narrative that came to me.  A fictional one.

The fictional narrative was from my understanding of this 4th Turning theory and all this time I had my eye on IF there was going to be some major war.  Not even one on the scale of post-911 but the full-scale 4th Turning War of national boundaries redrawn and huge victories with enormous devastation to losers, etc.  Maybe we were all looking for signs of that a little.  I almost thought it was happening when that guy was killed in was it Iran, the post-impeachment strike that almost shook Iran against us.

In this fiction, I had China orchestrating this virus thing and American backlash leading to said huge war.  I got rather specific in the narrative, something about well, of course China hates us and wants to cripple our economy.  I think that would be a given.  Extremely generalized but given.  For a fiction, it works.  Creating the virus while immunizing select of China secretly (their over-population is legendary, wouldn't this be a good chance to pull a Thanos and jab your enemy at the same time)... and directing it toward places it knew would lead to America.  But maybe it got out of hand, didn't work so well as intended.  It's later discovered to be the case, America became crippled by what China had done and the way back for us is industrialized war (as was last 4T) and etc etc etc
Meet Liu Cixin's Supernova Era. The coronavirus oddly reminds me of this book.

Not nearly as extreme, but old people are dying off.
Well, robots were once the stuff of science fiction and now they are fact. Therefore we have already seen FBF occur.