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Full Version: Music during the 1T
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I predict that EDM and rap will die down as too mechanical, and melodious pop music will dominate the High. At the same time new genres will be born among the Adaptives, they will be underground during the 1T but will explode during the 2T.

Do you have in mind any artists that might give us clue what will the music of the new saeculum be like?
I think it's way too early to tell.

Like what I said before, 2020 is very likely this 4T's equivalent of 1933 (they are both the worst of each of their respective 4T moments).

I'm pretty sure today's trap, emo rap, and EDM will die off by 2023.
I've been watching 1T movies during this lockdown and post-lockdown. Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies for example. They are hilarious without raunch or cynicism. There is zero 3rd turning edginess or irony to them. There is some mild foreshadowing of Consciousness Revolution issues bubbling up, the Women's movement in particular, but those issues are not in the forefront. Anyway, I had no idea how much I've been longing for comedy free from raunch and cynicism.

I also re-watched It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World again. It remains the funniest movie ever. Ethyl Merman steals the show even as playing a very negative stereotype of a Mother-in-law.

Also, I recommend a couple great 2nd Turning comedies - What's Up Doc with Barbara Streisand and Ryan O'Neil, and High Anxiety from Mel Brooks.