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George Wallace's 'On Hallowed Ground' is a moving and reverent video portrait of the vast acreage near Gettysburg PA, where one of the final (and decisive) battles of the Civil War was fought 150 years ago. These sanctified, now-silent fields where so many perished offer a solemn, profound reminder of how hard a man will fight for a cause in which he truly believes.

This short video presents panoramic still images and live-action shots (some battle footage excerpted from the Esparza/Katz production of 'Gettysburg') taken on-location at the very site of the battle, and features the sweeping, heroic, orchestral musical score of composer George Wallace.

Don't miss it.

Hallowed Ground
by E. Alan Meece
UU Band of Writers
Eric A Meece, Jan.5, 2020

One of my favorite new age music artists, who lives near Gettysburg PA, wrote a piece and created a video called On Hallowed Ground to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln's Address. It is a very noble piece. His name is George Wallace, which is kind of ironic since that's also the name of a segregationist governor of Alabama who stood in the doorway of the University of Alabama to prevent a black student from attending. This was almost exactly 100 years after the battle, and prompted JFK to give a speech of comparable quality to Lincoln's, in which he introduced the civl rights bill.

Lincoln dedicated the hallowed ground of the Gettysburg battlefield by saying the soldiers consecrated it more than his words ever could. A noted historian in Ken Burns' The Civil War series pointed out that the battle continues and we all have a part to play,[1] just as JFK and the civil rights movement did. We have thus resolved that the soldiers did not die in vain, because we have continued to bring greater freedom into birth.

Now as the 2020s unfolds, we are in the midst of a cold civil war, and we must summon ourselves to conceive and perceive the will to freedom within ourselves and each other, and dedicate the ground we walk upon as hallowed, so we might preserve it for all the future battles and births to come.

[1] Barbara J. Fields

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including these youtube videos:

The Civil War by Ken Burns (1990, reissued 2015)

Was it not as in the old days with accompanying footage from a 1938 Battle of Gettysburg 75th anniversary event

Battle Cry of Freedom, arranged for piano for The Civil War series

Barbara Fields: The Civil War is in the Present as Well as in the Past, from Ken Burns Civil War Doc
At one time I was really into the Battle of Gettysburg, joined the Gettysburg Discussion Group, and created the Sickles’ Hole website.  It is more about the strategic level, the movement of corps, than the tactical discussions you often see.  It is also centered on General Sickle’s decision to move his III Corp forward on the second day.  It includes lots of pictures I took of the field.

It was written after years participating in the Gettysburg Discussion Group, and so does not contain a lot that such a group has said many times before.  Thus, the lack of tactical discussion.  But it does present a strategic view of the battle.
Should Donald Trump be re-elected then we could be in for another civil war. I failed to recognize the genius part of Trump's evil genius -- his ability to appeal to the visceral. I may know enough to not trust visceral, primitive drives, but multitudes trust them more than learning, reason, wisdom, conscience, caution, empathy, courage... We would be better off without our gut feelings if we don't know enough to judge them for their merits.

Donald Trump has succeeded to the extent that he has by appealing to the worst in human nature.

What a fool I was to think that life would ever be good again! Donald Trump will make America great -- in violence, inequity, ignorance, and cruelty. Maybe he will 'give' us a war for profits, the best ending of which would be the overthrow of his despotism.

Oh, so he promised jobs and law and order? Big deal. So did Hitler. Hitler got more people employed -- for the lowest industrial wages in Europe at the time, and under brutal management Trump will not give us law and order; he will stir up dissent that brings about a bloody crackdown. I dread what this man can do to anyone that he sees as a betrayer of his dreams.