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Full Version: My estimates on who belongs in the Homeland Generation
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Black = This birthyear is absolutely not a Homelander birthyear.
Red = This birthyear has only a small amount of Homelander traits.
Orange = This birthyear has more Homelander traits but is still not a Homelander birthyear.
Blue = Dead center of a cusp. This birthyear has an equal amount of traits from the Homeland generation and a previous/later generation.
Yellow = This birthyear is a Homelander birthyear overall but still has traits from a previous/later generation.
Light green = This birthyear is safely Homelander. It has only a small amount of traits from a previous/later generation.
Dark green = This birthyear is absolutely a Homelander birthyear.

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Strongly agree with this! And I never agree with folks on this stuff!

I would suggest using the term "prime year" instead of "center of the cusp" as the application of cusp is incorrect imo. Prime years have no characteristics of the prior generation.

I would also say that the prime year for the next gen will probably be 2021 not 2020. Biden has to get elected first for this 4th turning to end.
Looks good. I agree with jleagans that 2020 might be too early as a centre of the cusp. It's probably way too early to tell anyway. Having been born in 2001, I feel that my age cohort largely represents the homelander traits, but still "looks up" to millenials.