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Full Version: Boomer Champions of the Fourth Turning
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I'm starting a new Boomer thread for Champions of this Crisis Era not specifically connected to the COVID-19 pandemic (there's another thread for that). I'm going to initiate it with a hat tip and bow to this particular Boomer, going after that despicable gang of mobsters currently trying to take over the country. Let's hear it for New York's Attorney General, Letitia James, nemesis of the NRA and the Trump Organization. She'd go after Putin too if he were in her jurisdiction.

[Image: Letitia_James_Interview_Feb_2020.png]

Letitia Ann "Tish" James (born October 18, 1958) is an American lawyer, activist, and politician. She is a member of the Democratic Party, and is the Attorney General of New York having won the 2018 election to succeed appointed attorney general Barbara Underwood. She is the first African-American and first woman to be elected to the position.

James previously served for a decade as a member of the New York City Council. She represented the 35th Council District, which includes the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Clinton HillFort Greene, parts of Crown HeightsProspect Heights, and Bedford-Stuyvesant. James chaired the Economic Development and Sanitation Committees, and served on several other committees. She was later elected the New York City Public Advocate in 2013.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, James obtained her J.D. degree at Howard University in Washington, D.C., after graduating from Lehman College in The Bronx. She worked as a public defender, then on staff in the New York State Assembly, and later as an Assistant Attorney General. She first ran for city council and won on the Working Families Party ballot line.