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Full Version: Today in American capitalism
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Quote: As state officials and lawmakers urged the shutdown of a Tyson Foods pork-processing plant in Iowa, managers at the plant reportedly placed bets on how many would end up getting sick.

That is one of the many new allegations leveled against Tyson Foods in an amended lawsuit filed Wednesday. The corporation kept its Waterloo, Iowa, plant open even as local officials urged its shutdown early in the pandemic.

As a result, about 1,000 employees contracted COVID-19, five of whom died. That includes Isidro Fernandez, whose family filed the suit against the meat empire this year.

Tyson Foods has since suspended the individuals reportedly involved, per a statement issued Thursday afternoon by the company. "We expect every team member at Tyson Foods to operate with the utmost integrity and care in everything we do," said Tyson CEO and president Dean Banks in a statement. "If these claims are confirmed, we’ll take all measures necessary to root out and remove this disturbing behavior from our company."
Without question this is extremely callous behavior, inexcusable in a country in which (allegedly) the Judeo-Christian ethic that mandates that people cherish life prevails. The callous culture obviously existed before COVID-19; nobody at the top saw anything wrong until a lawsuit was initiated.

We Americans have been getting food at freakishly-low costs at the checkout, but all too often we forget why it is so cheap. Efficiency in farming? Sure -- because farm policies promote consolidation of what were family farms into giant plantations. Efficiency in processing? Because the health of workers in food-processing plants does not matter.

The Romans had cheap entertainment because they could find plenty of people to sacrifice inexpensively (POW's, slaves that a master was willing to sell, and of course religious dissidents) for the sick games.

I'll take Pope Francis over Donald Judas Trump any day. And I am not a Catholic!