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Full Version: [split] I VOTE YES ON CALEXIT!
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You misunderstand.  I am not offended, nor am I apologizing for my vote, I just don't think what you linked to counted as satire, nor was it particularly witty.  Had Eric or PBrower or Alphabet or any of the other emotionally-crippled old men who post routinely here linked to it, I probably would have passed without comment.  It was the fact that you are usually more open-minded that made me cringe when you posted something so narrowly partisan, that amounted to little more than a "blue" venting his spleen at the "reds".

I mean, to whom do you think that article was actually addressed? What was the message that the article was trying to get across? How effective do you think the rhetorical strategy chosen was in conveying said message to said audience? What elements do you feel identified the article as being satiric in intent?