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Full Version: [split] If The Russians Engineered a Trump Victory
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(03-24-2017, 07:39 PM)Kinser79 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm not particularly fond of Pope Francis.  Seriously the man is a Communist in a Cassock.  He is also calling for the islamification of Europe.  Good thing he's celibate, he doesn't have to worry about the world his children will inherit.

Officially he is celibate but the odds are pretty good he is a homo or molesting a kid given the current state of the Catholic Church.
Galen, put up or shut up about the Pope. Better yet, just shut up. You are reported, and if your smear should be deleted, then I do not want to repeat it.

I am not a Catholic, but what you say about the Catholic Church and the Pope is almost certainly slander -- and it is an insult against every Catholic worldwide. I respect religion lest someone disrespect what I happen to believe.