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Full Version: Neil Howe and William Strauss C-Span video
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We've probably seen this before, but I don't remember. Here they are, Strauss and Howe explaining their theory, their books, and us: the forum; with some of the participants in The Fourth Turning Forum gatherings that we were invited to, but I didn't make it. Strauss mentions David Kaiser at the beginning. And Howe mentions "cusps" too! Posted by the former webmaster of the former forum.

"Boomers, look out, some of your worst tendencies are about to come to the fore." Well, Mr. Trump seems to have fulfilled THAT prediction by Mr. Howe.

"ha ha very ideological people shy away from the forum" well, not so much now! Maybe why Howe doesn't like us too much anymore.

Neil Howe: "most of what the internet is used for is pretty trashy. Here's an example of something where you can bring out the best in people, and get people to communicate things that are really important to them." That last phrase is still true, and this forum is still better than any I have found.

Go blue-boomer Steve!

Strauss was a political comic, and it strikes me it would have been interesting if he was around today, at a time when Seth Myers, John Oliver, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert are the voices of truth and wisdom today; about the only alternative to the breitbart/limbaugh crowd.

"History always bends" says William Strauss. "If you believe the Tofflers of the world, everything today is just going to be multiplied into the future. History is never that way."

"The next bend will be a very decisive one"

Which means also that S&H probably would have predicted that our forum would get more ideological. After all, in a time of decision, people take sides.
Neil Howe and William Strauss on The Fourth Turning in 1997 CSpan
posted by Craig Cheslog (former 4T forum moderator)

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