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Full Version: A Brief History of The Faux "Right"
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Someone as revolutionary, and, harboring such destructive urges, as the Alt-Right / Duginist faction adherent, is not a true Rightist. Their beliefs and operational plans are antithetical to the true Right notions of "King and Country." They have a wrecking ball mentality and want to conserve nothing. They are bomb throwers in the worst tradition of the Jacobins. Here is a brief history of how they become a creditable (albeit negative and deplorable) force in the US:

'The hidden history of Trumpism suggests that the president-elect may be not simply an opportunistic showman but the leader of an at least semi-coherent ideology—a new iteration of the populist and nationalist paleoconservatism that has long lurked in the shadows of American politics. Now, for the first time since the isolationist 1930s, this ideology commands real influence, and for the first time in our history, it will enjoy favor from a sitting president. The prospects could not be more ominous. '
I always wince when this wrecking crew of alt-right ideologues are called "populists." Used for them, the word means nothing more than someone who appeals to the less-educated rabble. The actual, real populist means someone who extols and advocates for the interests of the people against the elite wealthy and powerful bosses. That usually does mean on the left, like James B. Weaver and William Jennings Bryan, or today, Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump and his ilk are of, by and for the elite, and ONLY the elite.