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Full Version: "Green" techlologies Thread.
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Wow, ain't seen it yet.  It's time for a green technology thread! Cool  As an avid lover of organic chemistry, [hey man], I did an "A" in organic chemistry I.  Of course I've messed up on some "experiments" in my youth., Like that rush to the hood beaker of somehin' going wrong  Wink with making "poppers".  No, Rags, don't use nitric acid mixed with amyl alcohol.  Oops, wrong acid, I think it shoulda have been nitrous acid, not, no, uht uht no, nitric acid.  Bad experiment resulted in stinky, stinky, NOx fumes.  Here's an awesome, if I may say so, turning trash [assorted plastics], into treasure, into essentially, "light oil".

And...  How about diesel typed fuel. May the circle now complete. Stop the natural resource deplete.

Gotta keep Amtrak on schedule, right?
What's a green techlology thread? That means, lol???