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The Great Devaluation: the value of labor?
Generally speaking culture has a genetic, and even racial component. Living in a multiracial household (myself being black along with my mother, and my husband and son being white) I know that persons of different races have different modes of being. Not all of this is cultural. Culturally speaking I'm often accused by other blacks (outside my family--my family is probably used to my way of being) of "acting white". Neither my son nor my husband have ever been accused of "acting black" (except both may have picked up a liking for collard greens and incorrect conjugation of the verb 'be' when in an emotional state).

Considering that the Irish and Italians (as my husband is of Italian extraction) are both white assimilation into the broader Anglo-Germanic culture of the US was far easier than it ever has been for blacks who have in many cases been in the territory occupied by the US far, far longer. My husband's family are relative new comers to this country, his great-great-great grandparents arriving in the 1870s. My forebears were here no later than 1808 and probably before then even!

I will agree that Latino cultures are not terribly different from US culture in that they have a Greco-Roman background and that the influences on Spain and Portugal are and were largely Roman in character, a trait shared with the Anglo part of the Anglo-Germanic backdrop of broader US culture. However, Latinos, like blacks have far greater difficulty in assimilating with white culture. Further, in many places where Latinos make up the majority of the population (South Florida for instance, also parts of Texas and Commiefornia) there is greater resistance to assimilation than the Irish or Italians ever provided.

If one goes to Miami for example they are really in a Caribbean city that has far more in common with Havana than it does with Jacksonville. As to the matter of cultural suicide the matter is simple. Not all cultures are equal, some are better than others--just as some humans are better than other humans. (Note that race is not a factor in that determination--race is largely but not purely cosmetic in humans.) It comes down to the support of the environment (that is civilizational as well as natural in humans) for the number of sub-species (which in humans is largely but not purely cultural). In the natural world we see that if an area has nothing but red squirrels and someone introduces a mating pair of gray squirrels the gray squirrels over time will dominate and then replace entirely the red squirrels.

As for MS-13 there are violent criminals in all ethnic groups. The existence of that organization is as indicative of the fitness or non-fitness of Salvadorian culture (MS-13 is an ethnic gang and not broadly Latino) than the Dead Rabbits were of the fitness or non-fitness of Irish-American culture or the Bloods and Crips of Black American culture. Meaning of course since I know you are often deliberately obtuse, not indicative at all.

The fitness or non-fitness of cultures must be determined by looking at the whole picture. Overall I'd say that the Anglo-Germanic mode of US culture is the most it. Nowhere else in history has a black faggot who loves white ass been so free or prosperous.
It really is all mathematics.

Turn on to Daddy, Tune in to Nationalism, Drop out of UN/NATO/WTO/TPP/NAFTA/CAFTA Globalism.

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