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I have a feeling that today (or yesterday) is probably a huge generational shift.
(01-07-2021, 04:13 AM)Cocoa_Puff Wrote: I'm not sure if anyone born after this D.C. controversy can be Gen Z. Forget the end of COVID-19. I definitely think this is a true shift, although the whole 2020 election fiasco was. 2021 onward is definitely Gen Alpha imo. The start of Gen Z varies. It could probably be somewhere between 1997 and 2003. Nowhere past 2003 imo (they would not be able to vote in 2020 and would not be adults until afterwards, starting their adult lives in a new era), although 2001 is probably the best start date. Gen Z is probably 2001-2020 (the first two decades of the new millennium, from the beginning of the new millennium and Bush inauguration, as well as 9/11 upto COVID-19, the 2020 election and the D.C. controversy). Millennials are roughly 1982-2000 and are experiencing their 20s and 30s during these unfortunate times.

By the way, this is just my personal opinion so take this with a grain of salt.

This isn't over yet.  A similar incident occurred under US Grant, when the Louisiana Capitol was overrun, and Grant responded with troops and ended the problem.  None of the perpetrators were punished, so they tried again 4 years later and succeeded.  That was the beginning of the end of Reconstruction.  After that, the South toppled like dominoes, and Jim Crow moved in for the duration.  

Watch how this ends, not how it begins.
Intelligence is not knowledge and knowledge is not wisdom, but they all play well together.

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RE: I have a feeling that today (or yesterday) is probably a huge generational shift. - by David Horn - 01-08-2021, 12:58 PM

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