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The generations role's in a Dionysian/Appolonian saeculum
(10-08-2016, 06:50 PM)Odin Wrote: This is a great summary, thanks, Tara! And yes, all those laws and bans would not go over well in most parts of the US.

No problem. I thought it would give you guys an idea about the differences as well as what may happen as you guys enter an Apollonian saeculum. Your artists are the first set of Apollonians. I would be quite interested to see a comparison to see how America fit in with the Apollonian saeculum to compare with ours in NZ. I think it is useful for Dionysians to see an Apollonian in another light. I find when I describe an Apollonain set up people tend to think it is controlling. To us, it isn't. The reason is that the culture as it stands now is felt to be sorted. With that in order it is easier to set laws around it so that it is clear this is how we want our country to be run. It is also set around our ideals so we can act on them. For instance the anti smacking law, the smoke free campaign, the ban of high emission fire burners to name a few. This is how we achieve goals. This is how we act together on our ideals. We are not controlled if we agree with it and want to do our bit to see a better day here with action not just words. It may be hard for Dionysians to understand but that is how it is for us. It may also help you guys to understand your GI's better too. They had their own ideals too that they worked towards too to achieve what they thought was an orderly world where things worked (according to how they wanted it to work).
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