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It Feels Like The 90s
(01-18-2020, 01:27 PM)Eric the Green Wrote:
(09-27-2018, 12:35 AM)Eric the Green Wrote: You know, I'm the prophet, and I know what's gonna happen Smile

Yes, the 2T was awesome, and change came fast for a while. It was pretty great at times. People spoke out; problems were addressed. The 90s seemed really tame by comparison; some outrage, some cultural outcroppings, and then just a little change, and then the increasing polarization that had begun in the 60s, and has reached its climax in our 4T.

We have been stuck for a long time in "long assed wars, a shitty economy for most folks, and environmental destruction." What I have predicted for decades is now about to come to pass. Just 16 months and the 2020s will be upon us. It's hard to believe how fast the years have passed; to me the 1980s are still like some future that never came. But I have written for a long time (you may know, if you have my book) that the 2020s will be a whirlwind. The standpatters will be pushed aside in nothing flat, I wrote back in 1993 and published in 1997. So here we are, about to arrive.

An awakening is happening. Michael Moore has laid out the challenge this week. The Parkland kids gave it the best voice, along with Matt Post, at one of the largest rallies ever; topped only by the 2003 anti-Iraq War protests and the women's marches against Trump. Obama has given the word this month. As the Flight 93 passengers might have said, it's time to roll. All hands on deck. We are rising up! like a phoenix from the fire.

The trump presidency is a wake up call for all who want to restore our country and get progress moving again, and reverse the slide into his swampy banana republic. Time to end the "long assed wars, a shitty economy for most folks, and environmental destruction." Time to do what George Carlin despaired of us ever doing; to actually notice how we are getting screwed every day. "It is a general mood that things are stagnant and need a cleansing." And I know what it will look like, and exactly when it will look like it; I just need to describe it in my new book as soon as I can, as best I can.

My new book is out and available now. See

There are many indications that the pendulum will finally swing and progress will start. Unfortunately we have to depend on Biden, who is not as young as he once was and is too corporate, or Sanders, also an old codger who may be too far left to appeal in swing states. But either one of them can win, although I can't predict that they will.

The astrological indicators of a new progressive decade are legion, and they are not the only such indicators. Just demographics alone will make it increasingly hard for the old reactionaries to hold on.

The fourth turning means a crisis, possible war or wars, both domestic (civil) and foreign (terrorists). This crisis has always resulted in a victory for the progressive side. The 4th turning in modern times has been indicated by the return of the outer 3 planets to their original positions when the nation and the colony were founded (1776, 1607). Uranus returns every 84 years to this original position at the nation's birth. It is due in 2027. Neptune is making a half-way return to oppose its original position in 2022. Pluto returns for the first time since the Revolution, also in 2022. Pluto then enters the progressive sign Aquarius in 2024 for the first time since the revolutions in America and France.

Neptune will also enter the sign Aries in 2025-26. This starts a new 164-year zodiac cycle. The last time Neptune entered Aries, Ft. Sumpter was attacked and conquered on that very day. Thus, another civil war may begin when Neptune enters Aries again. It might not be a full scale war, but a temporary rebellion. But violence cannot be ruled out. Neptune in Aries means that the confused muddle we are in now under Pisces will clear up and people will be ready to take action on a furious scale.

The 3 outer planets will make a very-close, very-rare, beneficent double sextile (each planet 60 degrees apart) in the mid-2020s.

Another great cycle is returning too, indicated by Jupiter and Saturn. For the first time in about 700 years, this conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which happens every 20 years, will happen in the progressive sign Aquarius in Dec. 2020. This conjunction often signals a change in the party in power, and has corresponded to many changes of dynasty in earlier times. This time, it's also a shift from earth to air signs over the next 200 years, and since air rules mind and communication, it's an eloquent symbol of the shift from the industrial to the information age that's going on.

Every 60 years, Jupiter aligns with Saturn with the planets then moving into Aquarius and then into Pisces and Aries. These have been the most progressive decades in history: the 1960s, 1900s, 1840s and 1780s.

When Saturn alone returns to Aquarius every 30 years, it means a progressive decade on a minor scale, like the 1990s, 1930s, 1870s.

For the first time in modern history, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle of progressive decades coincides with the 4th turning's climax and the outer-planet returns.

The return of the great crisis, and the return of progress, happen together in the 2020s.

Much is needed in our new reform era:

Repeal gerrymandering and reduce the filibuster.

Repeal Citizens United, pass public campaign financing, require licensed media to provide free time and space for candidates, limit contributions from all sources, restrict lobbying.

End the 2 party duopoly and voting for lesser of two evils with ranked-choice voting and proportional representation.

Raise taxes on the wealthy, and return social security savings to social security to reduce the debt and reduce inequality in the economy among classes.

Raise minimum wages and provide basic income security for all. End trickle-down economics and its deceptive slogans of freedom as "less government" and "the non-aggression principle." Require corporations to serve and contribute to society in their charter. Invest prudently in aid for housing to bring down prices.

Medicare for All. Lower prescription drug prices. Invest in disease control again. Restore government departments that have been decimated by Trump.

End voter suppression schemes. Repeal the electoral college.

Require civics to be taught in all licensed schools, public and private.

Consider carbon taxes. Regulate auto emissions so that gasoline is phased out in 10 years. Regulate and end coal emissions and provide for transition to renewables. Invest in subsidies if necessary to further encourage the transition. Reform farming practices and restore family farms by restricting the size of corporate farms.

Effective gun control. Defeat the expected violent revolt against it.

I see some chance for artistic revival in the 2020s-- unusual for a 4T. Watch the year 2022.

If necessary, consider packing the supreme court if it blocks reforms. Consider dividing the country between red and blue states. Consider ending the presidency as we know it and its war-making power and switch to a parliamentary system like all other countries have instead of our elected-king system.
Have you yet made a prediction as to how much of that laundry list will actually be accomplished by the turn of the next decade?

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