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Regeneracy=TARP, Climax=Trump, Resolution=Midterms?
(11-05-2018, 06:20 AM)Bill the Piper Wrote: The resolution will have to wait until the election in 2020. There are 3 possibilities:
-Trump gets re-elected. In this case, the 4T will last for another 4 years.
-A virulent SJW Democrat (someone like Elizabeth Warren or Camala Harris) is elected. In this case, the US could be stuck in 4T until 2028, since such a president would only attract everybody dissatisfied to the nationalist camp.
-A moderate president is elected. In this case, the 4T may end in 2020.

For Britain, the climax is Brexit and there are also 3 possible resolutions:
-leaving the EU without a deal
-staying in the EU
-striking a divorce deal that satisfies both parties

The election of 2020 will be crucial, but not a resolution.

What happens will largely be determined by who wins the nomination for president on the Democratic ticket.

The issue will be NOT who is and SJW or progressive and who is a moderate. The issue, as is now being pointed out, is who can be nominated who can be an inspiring leader and thus beat the charismatic appeal of the Liar in Chief.

That issue is resolved according to the astrological indicators.

Inspiring leaders like Stacey Abrams and Beto O'Rourke are emerging for the future, but 2020 seems too soon for them to rise. And Beto apparently can't be the guy, according to his score. Meanwhile, the more-moderate Terry McAuliffe has the energy and smarts to win, and Mitch Landrieu is even more appealing as a liberal leader who can bring the Democratic factions together. Sherrod Brown is also a possibility, and although he is less skilled than McAuliffe or Landrieu, he is good and represents those who feel lost by de-industrialization in his native Rust Belt well.

It is not necessary to satisfy the stupid, creepy, evil, deplorable "nationalists." It is a matter of defeating them and shackling them. It's a cold and maybe a hot civil war. Only a victory for the Democrats can bring about a resolution and emergence into a successful 1T after a climax to come in the middle 2020s.

If one of the 3 Democrats I mention is nominated, then defeat of Trump is the most-likely scenario in 2020 and reform can proceed. But that doesn't end the 4T because the Deplorable nationalists are still around and resisting, and the election of 2024 will be the key to cementing the victory and defeating the resistance, which could get violent. By then though, it's possible that a liberal or moderate third party or independent candidate could win the election.

If one of the less skilled candidates is nominated, which certainly includes Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris, and people who cannot appeal to a broader spectrum are less likely to be elected (which the horoscope scores indicate as well), then Trump will be re-elected, unless he is somehow removed from office before then. If he is re-elected though, Trump will quickly go off the rails. He will be unlikely to have a supportive congress after 2020, and any supreme court nominees he makes are less likely to be confirmed. The 6th-year midterms are always disasters for the party in power at the white house; it would be a tsunami, reducing Trump to a figurehead in 2023, and very likely ousted from power then if not before (2021 is quite possible for this to happen). The supreme court would be re-stacked with liberals. Then the Democrats would take over the WH in 2024. Reforms and resistance would then follow just as in the 1st scenario.

If Trump is somehow removed from office before 2020, then Pence would probably be nominated, and more than 3 possible candidates could defeat him than can defeat Trump, because Pence is a mediocre candidate.

It's possible, due to America's regressive trend today, that Trump and his deplorable nationalists could win in 2020 and establish themselves in power during the rest of the 4T, with Trump as an evil gray champion. In that scenario, the USA has lost, progressives lose the 4T for the first time ever, a left-wing revolt in circa 2025 is repressed, and the USA enters quick decline as a tyrannical oligarchy from which it will not recover.

Whatever happens in these 4 cases will not change the turning schedule. The 4T will climax in 2025-27 and end in 2028-29 no matter what.
"I close my eyes, and I can see a better day" -- Justin Bieber

Keep the spirit alive;
Eric M

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