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Do You Like Justin Bieber, or other pop stars?
Looking through the old thread on the archive today, I wondered if I could finally resurrect that thread, and if I and others could be more well-behaved in discussing it than we were then.

As for Justin Bieber, there are a relatively few songs and musical pieces that no matter how often or how long I listen to them, still move me and I still enjoy them to an amazing transcendent degree. That still applies to my favorite Bieber song, called "Pray." It' still linked in my signature line. Recognized or not, and some do recognize it, it is a timeless classic rising far above its time. I still love it, and like to share it, regardless of what the results of sharing it might be.

And I like a lot of his songs. Lately though, Bieber has been less productive, and I didn't like his recent album "Purpose" as consistently as his earlier albums, though it did contain my second-most favorite Bieber song, "What Do You Mean" And he says he's working on a new album, which I might reveal later in this thread.

But arguments won't convince anyone to like music. It depends on how it strikes you. Many older folks don't like teenage or twenty-aged pop stars, just as I tend not to like most of them, especially in the disco and bubblegum styles-- but some of them I do. And I generally don't find the heavy metal, rap, core punk and grunge styles any more listenable than some others find Bieber or the constellation of current and recent young pop stars associated with him or similar to him.

One of the arguments on the old thread, with Wayne Hurlbert '56, went especially badly, though we were fine on other threads. He made the statement that he would never like Bieber's music no matter what, that he liked it even less the more he heard him, and liked it even less the more I argued with him about it. I said that he and others were "wrong," which isn't the best method of discussion or persuasion, and not likely to lead in the right direction.

But forget Bieber, I wanted to say to him. Really. It's true. Usually when I hear a musical piece, the way it initially strikes me will stay with me, although I may get to know it better or get tired of it. Sometimes though, I hear things in a song or a musical work later on that I didn't hear before, and I change my mind about it. So, doesn't that happen to other people? Can you or myself really say about a piece of music, "I will never like it," as if you could never change your mind about it, or hear something else in it? Even if it's within a genre you don't like?

It's easy to say about music, there's no accounting for taste. But music is a phenomena, and we all hear the same pieces that are available to us. It is a more interesting question than that; it's harder to explain than that, why some people like a piece and others don't.

Do you like Justin Bieber? Perhaps more or less than before? Other pop stars? Or is it a hopeless and empty genre, always?

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"I close my eyes, and I can see a better day" -- Justin Bieber

Keep the spirit alive;
Eric M

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Do You Like Justin Bieber, or other pop stars? - by Eric the Green - 03-19-2019, 06:18 PM

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