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Millennials and GenZ horribly misidentified
(04-29-2019, 01:06 AM)NobodyImportant Wrote: Don't be so dismissive of the world if people don't care you yourself should about your own ideals and rules.

Also .... what does this have to do with what i wrote .... like at all lol

It has to do with what I wrote to show you that two different people born in the same year can have different reactions to the same events. I don't get the shifts in society. Why do people care so much about strangers online giving them thumbs up or down to the point of changing their entire worldviews? I'm dismissive of the world sometimes it makes zero sense to me at all.

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RE: Millennials and GenZ horribly misidentified - by AspieMillennial - 04-29-2019, 01:25 AM

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