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Thread split
Hey Rags, this is with regards to the fur flying over a certain thread created by TheNomad who has as you know been fur flying about this forum and attacking everyone and including yourself as I can see. Would you be a champ and follow through with rule 2 which states 
2. "When the thread has drifted from the original topic, this can happen without anyone doing anything wrong conversation naturally drifts, however thread drift makes it difficult for readers to follow the discussion, when there a posts in thread on a different topic the thread can be split. "

If he wishes for his thread to continue the way he wishes, this is the best solution for him. As he has blocked me, he will not see that I am trying to help him out. But he is constantly as I can see breaking the other two rules which is making personal attacks, as well as the threat to spam which he did earlier. Maybe if he has his thread split, he will be a happier camper? The thread I am referring to of course is, "Rise Of Tribalism, Racism & Bigotry Most Associated With Which Turning & Why?"

Thanks, you're a champ.
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