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Please Just Don't Change?
(I am trying to experiment with capitalizing keywords to separate them from plain language common use of the word. I do not know how it will go.)

(03-12-2020, 05:18 PM)TheNomad Wrote: Herd B seems only concerned with collaring Herd A.  It seems they have no agenda of their own EXCEPT to lasso restrictions and hold back Herd A. 

No matter what you think of this ^^ above, it does not work in the context of a 4th Turning.  In a 4th Turning, we cannot remain in rooms for decades and millennia deciding which billion dollars funds which plan to address which issue.  There is no plan, desire, or momentum to move forward.

Breaking it down further, the crux of this described is Herd B constituents not wanting to look at a tree with the leaves fallen off, and demanding it be chopped down.  Not understanding it will sprout again in Spring. 

However, Herd B sort of believes when the tree sprouts again, it's going to be some offensive and odorous thing that will frighten them, and they must hold onto the dead leaves of the tree and they fear what will happen if they don't cut the tree down.

Can this even work inside of a Generational/Cyclical model LIKE the forum where we are now interacting?  If we don't change our minds, can we allow the change to happen?  It MUST happen.  We can't control what it will look like on the other side.

Not in a Crisis period.

There is great anger in America at those in charge who are not doing anything.  It seems now, Herd A and Herd B are somewhat united in that one thing: anger.  Anger because things are not changing.

Herd B is in the crowd, holding their candlelight vigil in one hand and dead leaves in another.

To a great degree you are only making up your own buzz words and not using standard language. Thus, the thread is going nowhere.

I do see the red having their own motivations, but, yes, to hold back and do damage to various groups is a good part of it.

For example, the racists wish to hold back the blacks. Or do they want to save money and have a small efficient government?

Or the elitists want to profit, so they send jobs abroad where the labor has no unions and benefits. Thus they hold back the working man?

There is a lot of double speak. You wind up seeing people overtly stating they want something noble, while at least some people are actually hiding something that holds back many and benefits themselves.

Of course I look at those holding others back dubiously.

What may be happening is that in a Crisis era, we are predisposed to handle the greatest flaw in a society. As a result, each Crisis gets rid of a smaller problem than the one before until the chance of a Trigger event causing a Regeneracy is small.

Part of it is Trigger events are getting smaller. With nukes, we are less likely to start a war of aggression against a power that is more or less our equal. That would be MAD. That would diminish the elites power greatly, not give a chance to increase it. The Crisis War which was very common in the Industrial Age is correspondingly rare in the Information Age.

Part of it may be that the transforming era is the Awakening, not the Crisis. S&H fans are expecting change to occur in the Crisis by war, but in the Information Age it comes through the legislature during the Awakening. If so, it is not surprising to see us pass through a Crisis period and generational alignment without anything happening. In the Information Age, things happen in an Awakening. This could scramble both the Generations and the Turnings.

But the notion of many made fearful of the trauma and change of an Awakening holding vigil to prevent anything so disruptive to their beliefs from happening again is real. Using your analogy, I could see enough people removing dormant branches to kill the tree. The story of killing the golden goose also comes to mind.

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