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The more thought I give to this, I am not sure how we can make it through, given the time frame some are projecting.

The average American (a good portion of the average American) was living paycheck to paycheck for a while now... possible back to 2008 with more joining that "train" as time went on.  Americans were relying on credit for basic essentials.  Americans were being thwarted by rising rent costs.  Americans were not easily purchasing property. 

We were in big trouble before this even happened.

Now, this huge stimulus package is supposed to save us.  Or, to "get us by" until we "open up" again.  These phrases are becoming insane.

The stimulus package will hold the "average American" over for maybe a month.  A family looking at rent coming and no job will not have good options.  When that initial one-time payment to Americans runs out, Americans will no longer have resources for basic needs.  Credit will start expiring for them, debt will increase beyond means to pay it.

These are cascading effects that I don't see "us" surviving.  No one is talking about this. 

I am not saying this to court fear or project fear.  It is just something that is becoming a "fact" based on these factors.  It may already be too late for the economy.  In a month?  I can't see it.  18 months?  I def cannot see it.  A year?  A year of THIS?

I still do not believe anyone should be sounding alarms ... but this is no alarm, it is the common sense FACE of what's going on.

All kinds of ideas and theories can be projected based on what I just said, however, we all talked about Americans "slipping through the cracks" for years.  People just vanishing off the radar, suffering in silence, homeless, paycheck-to-paycheck ppl, Americans falling out of the system and the American Dream is non-existent for them?  It seems like THIS, so many people are going to fall into the cracks, will there even be enough left in the end?

As in, we "tolerate" a lot of things happening to a lot of ppl in America and we just move on.  How many of us are going to implode from this that "America" will never be the same?

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