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Is it just me or is the 21st century....rather boring?
Now before you all exclaim whatttt!!!!??, allow me to explain. From my own observation of the 21st century, nothing really major seems to happen. There is always lots of speculation and arguments but whenever an event happens, it just...fizzles out and life goes on.

Take the coronavirus. As bad as it has been, there is a potential chance that life will just go on and things re open and everything is back to normal. Take 2008. Despite panicking and some problems, things just recovered. Same with Trump. Same with Brexit. Life...just went on.

It's not like the 20th century where every little event Les to something big down the line. The 21st seems to have these "events" that end up being a no game changer in the long run.

Hence why I am, from a rather historical and philosophical perspective, am content to label this the boring century. If I am honest, I don't think the adventurism of the past is going to make a return anytime soon and I think that despite some technological changes, I wouldnt be surprised if the world of 2100 looks something very similar to today. That is easily recognisable with the same players.

Also before anyone mentions global warming and what have you, I don't believe this is going to be a short term event but something very long term. Despite the doom say predictions, life in the 21st century isn't going to radically change.

I'll be honest, if I lived in say another century, there would be some bookmarks from the 21st century to be read but overall as a potential future historian, I'm going to be reading more about the 20th then the 21st.

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Is it just me or is the 21st century....rather boring? - by Isoko - 04-27-2020, 01:25 PM

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