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what's going on with you?part 2
what's going on with you?

I got offered that other job. After reviewing all the pros and cons about it balanced against health concerns, I have ended up staying where I am. For now, I may or may not regret my decision, but ultimately I can't do a lot of things requiring me in full sunlight for numerous hours of the day. On the personal front, I have gotten business cards and a website beyond Facebook up and running for my sewing. April was my best month ever for personal sales. I was really grateful for this since right after all that my rescue kitty was determined to be a diabetic, a week at the veterinarian clinic later and a shot a day of insulin, he is on the mend. I'm just really grateful my beloved kitty is going to be ok.

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what's going on with you?part 2 - by GustavoWoltmann - 01-13-2017, 12:46 PM

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