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What is our 4T contest about? Can we see it differently?
(03-01-2017, 10:17 PM)Ragnarök_62 Wrote:
(03-01-2017, 09:34 PM)Eric the Green Wrote:
(03-01-2017, 06:03 PM)Ragnarök_62 Wrote: Do you seriously think the US ought to accept every refugee/immigrant there is in the whole wide world?  I don't.  There are limits. Have you read the Population Bomb?  Humans have already overbred and the mother nature will do the usual things to correct it.  War,famine,pestilence, and death will ride again, like it's always been.

No, I only mentioned the Syrians. And most of them are going elsewhere anyway. Today's most horrible, dangerous genocide going on is in Syria. Thus, a concern for refugees, which is what this country is based on. All Americans are refugees.

Overbreeding is a problem, but it's irrelevant to this question.

1,  "All Americans are refugees" is not correct.  Some were migrants that came a long time from Asia. Some came to move closer to family, a bunch were just born here, some came in chains, some came (from) assorted places as *voluntary immigrants, and of some were/are refugees.

2. Soooo... The question is a matter of quotas. Overbreeding fits here.  There is no American exceptional-ism  wrt physics.  There's a natural limit to the number of folks who can fit within US borders.  The borders have been the same since say, 1955.  The population is of course larger than it was in 1955. So the question and since it's a physics question, then the ultimate carrying capacity has to be taken into account. 

That's true. Overbreeding is irrelevant to that because immigration today is not the result of overbreeding.

Quote:That means we must ask ourselves if all existing citizens are allocated sufficient resources to have a habitable situation that the US considers adequate.

3. So first, make sure all homeless veterans' lives are adequate.
4. Next make sure all homeless regulars' lives are adequate.
5. Move the folks who are in prison due to mental illness to a proper case facility.  Prison isn't the proper place to treat mental illness.
6. Release non violent criminals on a case by case basis.  Make sure they get some help in going straight.
7. Now, and only now can we get to refugees. After all of those other people are taken care of, look at immigration budget and see if said refugee has some sort of sponsor. If OK on resources, let that 1 in and so forth.
8. Next go through legitimate yearly legal immigration queue and consider on one to one basis.
9. Now, Eric can decide on how to process legal immigration queue and or that along with resident aliens as he pleases. Do we agree on the process outlined above?
10. Would you agree with the either legal immigrant/resident alien option?

10 Is where I don't care which Eric can pick. If Eric agrees to said process, then all we have to discuss is
a. What the yearly quota is.
b. Which process items Eric wants some modification on.

You see, Eric,  I'm assuming you agree that physics has the final word on the US population limit. That's because all resources are limited. That's what Earth Day stuff in grade school told Rags when he was a little boy.

And... What limit do you think is correct wrt population limit for the space the US has?

We're not going to be able to make refugees wait while all of our domestic inadequacies are dealt with, especially in a country that refuses to deal with them. It depends on how much there is in the world to escape from at any given time. Right now there's far more than usual, though they are not mainly coming to the USA. Reading my astrology predictions could have helped, since this current refugee crisis was something I predicted for this time as a once in several-generations event.

I thought the bipartisan immigration bill that the Tea Party House rejected a couple of years ago was adequate. I don't know what the population limit is for the USA; it's not just a question of space, probably. Personally, I think we have enough humans on Earth. The USA is probably less densely populated than many countries.
"I close my eyes, and I can see a better day" -- Justin Bieber

Keep the spirit alive;
Eric M

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