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Researchers Finally Confirm There Is Life After Death
(06-03-2016, 05:56 PM)Eric the Green Wrote: Responding to someone like Galen whose values are so opposed to mine does tend to bring out the fiery crusader in me Smile

It's interesting that we actually agree on some points of philosophy. But I have little hope that he understands anything I write. Obviously, we can't totally trust either the market OR the state to give us all that we want and value. There is a deeper source of life, which is the source of all that transcends this physical plane as well as all that is manifest upon it.

Which is partly the reason why i created this thread. Not only to discuss and see other viewpoints but to also find an explanation. Guess we will never have one and certainly not one that satisfies all. As a former wiccan i call it energy. But I do not dismiss the material. They are one .... but not necessarily the same. Why I think so is for example, people die, sometimes in a violent way. But it is not present (so i have seen so far) to show in their spirit. I cannot be certain as i have only seen a few. Others say they do see them in a different way and i find that interesting. They see the damage that was done to the body. All very interesting. I am very intrigued by hard and soft science and its exploration.
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