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Researchers Finally Confirm There Is Life After Death
(06-20-2016, 10:55 AM)TnT Wrote: 2. Each species has genetic memory which transcends discrete individuality, but allows for things like a bird dog's propensity to hunt birds, or a gopher's ability to dig burrows.  There is no survival of the individual's own discrete consciousness, but there remains a strong intergenerational "memory."

My scenario above:  Can't you see that this is simply one stop among many possible on a continuum from NO individual survival to some individual survival, to individual survival, to cosmic integral-part-of-"god" survival in which individual survival is as irrelevant as scooping up a bucket of the Pacific Ocean and calling it different just because it's in a bucket?
I understand your point. I think #2 to #4 is a continuum, but the alternative of individual survival is a distinct alternative to those various collective survival scenarios.

Quote:MY point is that "It either IS or it ISN'T" is nonsense.  There are literally an infinte number of possibilities.  Just because you think one of them is true, doesn't make it so.

I suggest that none of us knows jack-diddly about this mystery.

I think more is known now than ever before. But it's true, it remains a mysterious topic. I might think individual survival is true, based on the preponderance of evidence and logic, but I don't claim to know what is true. The relationship between the individual and the One is inherently fuzzy, especially since both are true at once and interdependently, IMO, so I understand why you think there are infinite possibilities. The best approach is to be open to the evidence and the truth.
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