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Thoughts On Where We Are, and Where We're Going
(08-19-2018, 12:12 AM)pbrower2a Wrote:
(08-18-2018, 08:01 PM)justpassingthrough Wrote: Donald Trump defies categorization in various ways, but in the broadest sense, I think Obama is analogous to FDR, and Trump is analogous to Truman and/or Eisenhower. 

Obama, clearly not a Boomer (his temperament shows such) acts much like the best of the Lost (like Truman and Eisenhower) dd when they were in their 60s -- no free-flowing anger, emotional maturity, and little desire for new big programs. In the scope of things he is pre-seasonal, which creates problems that Howe and Strauss failed to recognize. Trump may have the vulgarity of Truman, but not the maturity or humility. Trump is about as undisciplined, incautious, abrasive, irrational, pecuniary, and flamboyant as Eisenhower wasn't But I see far more in common between Eisenhower and Obama in style of leadership and political result than I see between Eisenhower and  Mr. Bone Spurs.

Obozo is nothing like the Lost were because they would have never passed something as insane as ObozoCare.  If anything they would have looked at the price tag and the debt the US already had and decided it was a bad idea.  One thing the Lost understood was how debt can snowball into an insurmountable problem which is something that Boomers have never managed.  In fact responsibility is something that Boomers in general seem to have trouble with.
Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. -- H.L. Mencken

If one rejects laissez faire on account of man's fallibility and moral weakness, one must for the same reason also reject every kind of government action.   -- Ludwig von Mises

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