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Thoughts On Where We Are, and Where We're Going
(09-05-2018, 07:10 AM)Bob Butler 54 Wrote: This is precisely why I suggest we are not in a core 4T.  There has been no regeneracy.  We are not doing these things to any degree.  The whole country has not accepted these values.  The four turning cycle has not worked well outside Western Civilization in the Industrial Age.  There are attempts here to force fit a theory by ignoring the evidence that its patten is not holding.

Mind you, much of the above happened, much changed, back in the Consciousness Revolution proper.  The new values were acted on immediately, with the abandonment of the Vietnam war, with a rejection of active hot wars under the domino theory, with the signing of the Civil Rights act, with the woman's movement at the time and a wave of environmental action.  That and the lack of a surge in the spiral of violence leads me to believe change is taking place in the Second Turning during the new age (Computerized information, nuclear weapons, renewable energy), not the Fourth.

There was what I call a false regeneracy with Bush 43's wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He tried to alter US values towards making perpetual war, but failed to make the change because other nations resisted and made perpetual guerrilla war not a pleasant prospect at all.  US values have since remained resistant to committing US ground troops abroad.  In short, Bush 43's values were not accepted by the US after they briefly saw action.

Mind you, this might only effect the timing a little.  When it becomes clear that we are killing the Earth, that we have to act in the active generations lifetime, there will be an awakening strong enough to make the Consciousness Revolution look small.  Then we will see if change can be made in the Second Turning in the new age.

For myself there is nothing that tells me that the Saeculum is not currently in operation. Strauss and Howe predicted what has happened in the last ten years much more accurately than anybody else, even if the predictions were particularly specific.

I am personally need to wait another couple of decades to get a fuller picture of things like when did the regeneracy occurred in this Fourth Turning. Mind you the regeneracy might have not been that dramatic, Rise of the Tea Party movement, Sarah Palin's popularity and the election of a large number of extreme conservatives in state and federal legislatures could been the regeneracy.

In Australia it could have been the election of the most conservative government (The Liberals under Tony Abbott) we have had for a very long time, on the back of populist anger in 2013 over the implementation of the carbon tax (which the incoming government abolished). Despite being deposed as Liberal Party leader in 2015, Tony Abbott still maintains a fanatical following among our version of the Tea Party crowd.

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