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Thoughts On Where We Are, and Where We're Going
(09-13-2018, 11:39 PM)pbrower2a Wrote: The only part of the Boom Awakening that seems to have persisted other than in a fringe is the rise of the Fundamentalist/Evangelical segment of Protestant Christianity. It has proved much more compatible with the economic elites than any of the others because of its unqualified acceptance of economic inequality and rigid hierarchies. It's hard to see any other part of the Boom Awakening getting a revival. X and Millennial adults will never get the Boom Awakening, which for now is a good thing. No, I consider Woodstock and hippie culture irrelevant to our time.
I reviewed for you all the aspects of the Consciousness Revolution that are relevant today, and it was quite a list. It is not the "Boom Awakening." That is an incorrect name. Some people still get the hippie/Woodstock aspects as well, and the New Age aspects, regardless of age, and it will remain an example of alternative life. Little revivals have continued. It is a permanent part of our culture, forever. However, that aspect specifically is not as relevant now to the specific issues of our 4T. But most of those were already articulated, and the issues joined, during the 2T as well, and it's all of a piece. There is no difference between today's issues and those that were front and center during the 60s and 70s; they are the same.

And we can't hope to create a new and restored world by only paying attention to economics. We live by bread, but also roses. Quality and personal issues are always on the table in a society whose problems stem specifically from its materialism, over-fondness for technology, social and spiritual alienation and cultural depravity. So, those kind of counter-cultural movements will always be on the table, and will return, because the need for them remains, whether our current younger generations see that need or not. To the extent that they don't see the need, the stronger and larger will the counter-cultural movements of the sixties return. People may easily ignore what I say, but that does not mean I am incorrect.

Quote:The difference between Obama and FDR is that Obama took over as capitalism was in the early stage of collapse and FDR appeared as things might have bottomed out. Both backed the banks, which stanched the decline. But Obama stopped the economic decline only to save people who would be his political enemies, and FDR put an end to the risk of further economic collapse late enough to ensure that the economic elites had no more funds for buying the political system.

Dubya offered about as failed a Regeneracy as he could have. But remember: 9/11 was almost sixty years after the Pearl Harbor attack, which implies that America was not yet in a mood for a Regeneracy. FDR put an end to the consumer-driven economy quickly after the Pearl Harbor attack; Dubya told us to simply go shopping, the definitive 3T act.

Quote:...The shortening of saecula suggests that people are taking on some adult characteristics earlier and more competently than they used to. Long apprenticeships used to be the norm even for some menial occupations. and young adults were typically into their twenties before they could express themselves culturally and in consumer habits. That of course is over, but something has changed: lifespans are longer, which means that we have never had so much influence of people in their seventies and eighties. Such means that there are often four influential adult generations. More elderly people remain around, and they still have the ability to shape events.

How might that change the saeculum, is the question.
"I close my eyes, and I can see a better day" -- Justin Bieber

Keep the spirit alive;
Eric M

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