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Thoughts On Where We Are, and Where We're Going
As you know, I am floating the idea that we are in a new age, that some of the lessons learned and exercises in changing values will be different.  We might look to the Consciousness Revolution more than the religious awakenings or great wars for making the transitions in values.

One area that doesn't seem to have changed is really bad conservative presidents just before a transition trying to make the older ideas work.  We have had Buchanan and Hoover.  I didn't think you would get worse than Bush.  Trump seems to have managed it.

And yet there are also forces trying to demonize.  Going the other way, the chief victim has been Hillary.  But there are still blue forces trying to portray Trump in a bad light.  In doing so, they have moved the bar as to what is acceptable.  Sexual harassment which was long part of the culture has become grounds for removal in many places.  Racist positions have come out into the open, but become similarly unacceptable in some ways, and big red flags in others.

I'll accept that this demonization was common in past Information Age crises too, that there were people in their reporting and governance trying to make Buchanan, Hoover and others with older values look bad.  From the next High's values perspective, using the new values, they were bad.  Some were slaveholders.  Some forced horrible work conditions on workers.  They accepted and embodied the old values and did not see clearly that they were acting very immorally by the new.  They did see their profits, and justified the old behaviors by their profits.

You remember all that, and Trump still looks bad.  Pbower's recent portrayal of him as embodying the seven deadly sins and more seems apt.  We should not calmly accept people like that in our highest office.

And yet, there is the Tea Party base.  They might eventually accept that Trump is bad, but not see the old values as bad.  They will see the obvious bias of the blue press and politicians, and not see the flaws in the values, where the blue see a need to act.  This is almost predictable.  Well, cancel the 'almost'.  They might try to push the old values by electing another person in the Trump - Palin mold who doesn't have Trumps personal flaws, but will promise to make the red values work, to cling to Reagan's unraveling memes.

I'll repeat that we are in a new age.  We are unlikely to settle the red-blue clash in a war.  The conflict will not be mistakable as a religious awakening, similar to the earlier American great awakenings.  It will be stormy, reminiscent more of the Consciousness Revolution than anything else.
That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.

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