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Thoughts On Where We Are, and Where We're Going
(08-18-2018, 08:01 PM)justpassingthrough Wrote: 4. What should be made of the Millenials, and the following generation which is now coming of age? The Millenials don't seem to fit many of S&H's predictions, but they certainly fit some. Their conformity to hierarchical control is clear, where they have dutifully allowed themselves to be dominated by the Boomer Left. Their obsession with the "wonders of technology" is clear, like Civics before them. They obviously seek some kind of rationalization, stability and regimentation, even if it's subconscious, and they don't know what that is.

Haha, best characterization of the Millennials I've read!

Thanks for coming up with a fantastic thread! Signed in today just for the theme you are addressing, and lo and behold, I didn't have to start a discussion myself (which wouldn't have been half as good!)! The problem of Millennials has also repeatedly crossed my mind lately too. Indeed, not much seems to be left of the predictive description of this generation but for the conspicious hivemind and their infatuation with "wonder technology". But "heroes" fatefully deciding the destiny of the west at the hour of peril? Nowhere to be seen. More like a generation of prescription drug soyboys than good boy scouts, to be honest.

One blunt assessment could be that you cannot be a "Hero" generation if your head is full of goo, and certainly, the Millennials appear not only to be the most indoctrinated, but also at the expense of being the worst educated generation in history.

Not saying that this saeculum has had a stellar cast overall. In my head I've been sketching on something like this:

1) If an Idealist generation is too narcissistic and overbearing...

2) Then a Nomad generation becomes too passive and not effectively reactive enough...

3) Which leads to a Hero generation too indoctrinated and brainwashed to act purposefully and independently, zombified, as it were...

4) Which could either result in a Saeculum that fizzles or ends in catastrophe; in either case, in a sort of failed cycle, depending on how you look at it. In fact, following the scenario of us being at the end of the 4T (something which I argued for following Trump's election, and which in any case is inherent in being a 9/11 Crisis starter and Early 80's Challenger), this cycle right now seems like it's fizzling, and to make it clear, it would provide the best possible outcome!

Quote:2. Provided the second outcome, and the beginning of the 1T, I can see a few trends emerging. The new Artists will seek some sort of stable, negotiated settling of the Boomer divides, which will be provided by their Xer parents in Midlife. The recurring eruptions of leftist outrage will be receding aftershocks, increasingly rejected by society at large. Millenials will quiet down, settle down, and build their careers, homes and families, being shaped more by Xer leadership than Boomer, which will have a moderating impact on them. Xers will finally catch a break, and will enjoy peace and prosperity in leadership, then retire into the 2T, which they will simply ignore. The culture, robbed of all meaning by the groupthink control of discredited leftist extremism, will be a relatively exhausted wasteland. The new Artists (if their S&H name has any meaning) will want to fill the void, and grow up with enough protection and prosperity to pursue it.

In the 2T, the Millenials will emerge into leadership, with their trademark hubris and faith in technology at the forefront. They will seek to carry out their programming, but their children will rebel against them. One trend that seems certain is a rebellion against technology, and a "return to nature" as typical of S&H traits. The internet will no longer be new and exciting, but rather stifling old news, and Millenials won't be able to see it any other way. Spending time in nature, and focusing on the things that separate humans from machines, will be one likely Prophet rejection of their parents' values. 

Given the extreme and hostile suppression and persecution of Christianity by the Radical Left during the 4T, I wouldn't be surprised to see a resurgence among the next Prophets. One can imagine the horror Millenial parents would react with if their kids suddenly became outspoken Evangelicals. Since the Prophets usually have divided camps and competing visions, I could see some other alternative being a "singularity"-like quest for "transhumanism" on the part of the next Prophet Left, impatient to push even farther into insanity as the Boomer Left did.

Or, something quite unexpected might happen, like contrary to everyone's expectations we finally reach credible evidence the afterlife actually exists, while the transhumanist technotopia of the Millennial generation fails miserably and the "Singularity" just refuses to arrive. Now, that would provide fertile ground for spiritual excesses galore of an Idealist generation in the coming 2T, culminating with the beatification of Wilhelm Reich... or something. Indeed, it would be the only 2T I'd be willing to participate in, arm-in-arm with Eric the Green.
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