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Thoughts On Where We Are, and Where We're Going
(09-21-2018, 11:46 AM)tg63 Wrote:
(09-21-2018, 08:59 AM)Tuss Wrote: ... But "heroes" fatefully deciding the destiny of the west at the hour of peril? Nowhere to be seen. More like a generation of prescription drug soyboys than good boy scouts, to be honest.

One blunt assessment could be that you cannot be a "Hero" generation if your head is full of goo, and certainly, the Millennials appear not only to be the most indoctrinated, but also at the expense of being the worst educated generation in history.
I dunno, I think the theory posits that the Millie generation are positioned to be "heroes" due to circumstance, not because of any innate sense or ability. From that perspective all they need to do is have a patriotic streak at a time of crisis, and then show up en masse ... the Boomers & Nomads will tell them where to go & which forts/machine guns to storm. From that perspective, I see indoctrination actually as a good thing - we don't want our soldiers thinking too much for themselves.

"Young, dumb and full of cum", basically? I don't know. I always pictured the Hero generation archetype to be more than just brawn, especially so since in this cycle there won't be any great war for them to fight and be led into. Where are the J. Robert Oppenheimers, Edward Tellers, Walter Cronkites and Robert A. Heinleins of the Millennial generation, I quietly ask myself? Oh, are they out of a job and living at home while struggling with student debt or strung out on vicodin instead of building and inventing big things, perhaps?

As they now are silently passing into their 30's, it pretty much looks like a failed "Hero" generation to me. After an ideal upbringing (at least by mid-life Boomer standards) followed by college storage for as long as possible, there just wasn't any space left for them to fill or take part in anything.
Every time period believes the Crisis "is now".

1970 Core X

Gothenburg, Sweden

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