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How did people live through the 4Ts without becoming misanthropic?
(04-07-2019, 08:27 AM)AspieMillennial Wrote:
(04-07-2019, 07:57 AM)pbrower2a Wrote: People need friends, allies, and even cronies. People often must make deals to survive. Pure individualism is not tolerated in armies and navies, and it does not work against gangster governments.

I will do whatever I want regardless of whether it's tolerated. I'm used to not being tolerated. Being a slave to the gangster government is the death of the self so either way I'm fucked over. My mentality is since I'll be fucked over either way I'd rather be fucked over while doing whatever I want rather than being fucked over while not doing what I want. I have nothing to lose. No matter which side wins this 4T the winner will create an evil dystopia to me. I see all sides as evil horrible people. So no matter what I lose. So instead of killing myself in a race I know I'll lose I'm gonna just go do what I want.

Life is not that bad. Hardly anyone gets everything he wants out of life. Surely you can find some joy in life, perhaps in things for which others lack the patience and curiosity.

Life is worth the struggle. It may be all that you have, depending on your theological beliefs.
The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated Communist  but instead the people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists -- Hannah Arendt.


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RE: How did people live through the 4Ts without becoming misanthropic? - by pbrower2a - 04-07-2019, 06:48 PM

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