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How did people live through the 4Ts without becoming misanthropic?
(05-17-2019, 06:51 PM)A spieMillennial Wrote:
(05-14-2019, 08:36 PM)Hintergrund Wrote: Not everyone in a 4T is evil.

No but most people in a 4T are evil. The new ideas I see coming within this 4T and the last are evil. My response to living through a 4T is to be angry at the world for forcing me to live in this era.

I despise the radical Greens, SJWs and neoreactionaries but I liked the futurist climate of the early 2010s especially the Pirate Parties though I can't help laughing at the name. No self-respecting person calls emself a pirate. The American Revolution was another good idea born during a 4T.

IMHO the 3T is most disgusting turning, as it's all about hedonism and nihilism.

pbrower2a Wrote:The best defense of Jews would have been for Jews to show that they were normal people, that they were not an organized conspiracy

To their credit Jews never resorted to a racist concept of nationhood. There are blonde Russian Jews and Black Ethiopian Jews, and I never saw them arguing about racial purity. Their concept of nationhood is more like a dynasty, sharing descent from common forefather Abraham. The far-right never understand this and continues to denounce "Jewish racism" which hardly ever existed.

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