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skipped an archetype like time before last?
(04-19-2019, 11:40 AM)Tim Randal Walker Wrote: Peter Zeihan ( has discussed the mood of the United States.  If the United States is withdrawing into a new isolationism, than we may be spared a big war this time-simply by default.  He does predict big wars in Europe, east Asia, and the Middle East.  He has suggested that nukes may be used in these conflicts-though, if we keep out of them, not on us.

This is good too.  Isolation as avoidance of traditional 4T war(s).  Does that mean if we do not experience a true 4T we lose?  Lose, as in, we do not experience the full force of the 4T?  4Ts do have their purpose, to reset and solve many issues previously impossible due to rancid politics.  Can we have a strong re-emergence on the U.S. without the consequences of a big war?  Do our psyches need that to say "enough is enough, we are fixing this shit" when if not "motivated" as such, the BS could drag on and on?

Can a true 4T occur in this scenario?  For me, it kind of meant the bigger the trauma of a 4T the bigger the reward later in "reconstruction" of the old order... people are highly motivated to change things and do anything necessary to do so.  Without that "trauma" there may be mass complacency.  The Baby Boom after WWII I believe was a reaction not just to WWII but also WWI.  People absolutely did not want to be involved in another war after the first one.  They saw the horrors and wanted no parts of it.  So, when we got involved and "triumphed" over those enemies, I think people were just ready to say "ok, no more, let's settle down and enjoy the fruits".  To me, that may be part of why there was so much substantial interior change in the U.S. and why (called at the time "radical") ideas were passable... think of Social Security that was called "socialism" yet, for all its flaws has become a major staple of our civilization now. 

Can such "radical" ideas prevail if the people are not or have not been faced with "big trauma" on the other side?  What motivation is there to enact sweeping transformations if the general mood has not absolutely reached the peak of frustration?  What do people have to get united about in this Turning that allows for such tansformation? To me, that's all part of the ebb and flow of these cycles.

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