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skipped an archetype like time before last?
(04-27-2019, 03:45 PM)TheNomad Wrote:
(04-20-2019, 06:09 PM)AspieMillennia Wrote: Of course it's possible. The mainstream music culture is so bad today that people are doing anything they can to opt out of it. A popular saying now is "There's more great music around than in any other time period. You just have to look for it." They say things like "Top 100 is supposed to be shit. The good stuff is underground." Mainstream radio for determining music taste is dead.

The "Civic" generation are supposed to be a fully-branded conglomerate who conform and coagulate.  Isn't it right that the so-called "beats" or pre-hippie were as you describe?  Sitting around in the "dark" looking for the underground stuff because the pop stuff was just too boring? 

I would love for this to be the case.  To me, it does not fit the time frame.  Could it be, this is your opinion (respectfully) but not really the actuality?  I personally do not see people of that age range being hungry for the underground.  Not in their fashion sense, not in any search for the obscure or strange, not in any way seeking to navigate outside the "norm".  10 years ago, pirating media was a big thing.  Now, people of that age range do not even know how to pirate.  I suspect mostly because the idea of apps have cut them off from that knowledge.  I'm not sure folks of that age know how a computer really works.  They know how to work IT, but don't know how to make it work for THEM.

I see many who are bored with the era and the same-same nonsense, but I see no real reaction to it.  I keep mentioning piracy because it was the X way to frak the system, to not have to subscribe to HBO just to see GOT or any service that already costs too much.  To purchase media of any kind..... OR PROGRAMS!  But who needs programs now?  Does anyone under the age of 25 even know how to install a program, let alone pluck it freely from the cloud with a crack?  Conformity is huge right now, that doesn't mean they aren't bored.  I see the S&H phenomenon playing out quite clearly in this Mill generation, who (I keep coming back to this stuff) paying GLADLY for streaming services because they are afraid of the nasty note from service providers.  And, to be quite honest, are happy to be able to pay for the service because to them it somehow means STATUS and being like everyone else in the herd.

Also, the Mill generation is now obsessed with the banning of information.  EVEN though they either don't know or care that big tech corps are selling ALL their information behind the scenes.  However, I use one example which struck me recently... Avengers Endgame.

If anyone here is a total nerdgeek, there are many youtube personalities that began speculating about that movie since Infinity War ended last year.  As the release of Endgame got closer, those personalities began closing down the comments section to protect against spoilers.

Then, spoilers of the movie leaked online, and those same people (mostly all Millennilals) decried the idea that information EXISTED.  If anyone paid attention, the personas told users to "report anyone you see posting spoilers, report their accounts, get rid of them".

Instead of policing themselves, instead of the idea "if you don't want spoilers, DONT LOOK" they took the opposing view of "THAT INFORMATION SHOULD NOT EXIST because I might encounter it by accident".

It may sound foolish, but in that is a huge indicator.  The willingness to block information of any kind.................. even movie spoilers........ is a bad sign post.  The Groupthink decided it was not OK for that information to exist, so they (had they the power themselves) would have banished and even punished anyone who made said information available.

I only have to make the jump to Assange to show how over even the last decade, INFORMATION ITSELF has become an enemy.  Some said Assange was a hero because he made INFORMATION available.  Now, people like him are tossed out to the lions because our collective view of INFORMATION has changed so dramatically. 

We are now in a time-shift when we are all becoming so collectively terrified of all the Crises we will do ANYTHING to stay in our suppressed bubble.  To stay "safe" from all the perils going on.  That may not be totally a bad thing, but a THING nonetheless.

I've been told "You're a civic and civics aren't known for looking for stuff on their own. They just like big and corporate." and about how other generations are the ones who made up movements to rebel. But I don't have any time to wait for some other movement who will probably reject me anyways for the age group I'm in. Why is it less valid to search for things and find meaning on your own than it is to do so as some part of a big movement? People are telling me my experiences do not exist or matter. Once they hear a generation their mind goes blank with buzzwords. There are plenty of places to look for everything yet everyone tells me that what I do doesn't exist or that my own personal experiences do not exist. That I MUST be defined as what's out there now just because my parents fucked in some random time period. It all seems arbitrary and absurd to me. I'm a loner by nature so it's easy for me to define my own interests. I don't see why that somehow doesn't exist just because I'm not a part of this giant movement. Why do my personal experiences of searching for things in the dark on my own suddenly not exist just because my parents fucked in some random time period? Why do you get to decide my personal experiences as if you know me as an individual just because I happen to be born in this so-called conformist group?

You see. I'm used to going against groups so I am far stronger as an individual than people who need a big movement to do it. You tell me I don't search for things underground when I was even doing it before social media took over the internet and have been doing it even more now. To say my personal experiences are invalid just because of some arbitrary year I was born in is absurd. Why are my experiences less valid just because I'm not doing it as a part of a formal movement? Why should I be generalized as someone who never looked for things on my own when I've been looking and searching for years? Is this fair? No. I don't care about status. What does it objectively get me if some random people online give me a thumbs up? Nothing. It's even easier not to follow the norm today because social media feels so depersonalized. I'm just disobeying some random internet people. It's no big thing to me.

I would actually make the argument that YOU care more about what randos online do or say. You care more about their opinions and what's happening on social media than I do. To me they're just some big internet blob I can ignore. I have Asperger's Syndrome though so maybe that's why I think this way. I wasn't even aware of people being this outraged about spoilers, I'm that out of the loop and socially isolated. Arguably you're more in society than I am because I was unaware.

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