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skipped an archetype like time before last?
(04-29-2019, 03:48 PM)TheNomad Wrote: Yet, X is the most banished, overlooked and aborted (1973 R v W) generation on the books currently.  I wonder if abortion came up for passage in Congress not in 1973 but how about 1983?  1993?  Would it ever have happened?

not so much

I think it would have been passed in 1983 or 1993 because some people wanted to congratulate themselves on being pro choice for virtue signalling. Also, depending on your exact birth year, more babies could have been aborted in 1983 or even 1993 than in your birth year cohort. Also abortion was passed by the Supreme Court and because members of the Supreme Court are there for life and don't care about being re-elected they wouldn't have to care about the tide of public opinion. If you look at the actual abortion rates, the abortion rates were a lot higher in 1983 than 1973 yet people think it was only Gen X who was aborted. Never mind early Generation X who was born in 1965-1972 never faced abortions at all. I think lots of but not all people are malleable by the media talking heads. Many do whatever the media talking heads tell them what to do and are almost brainless. If the media talking heads made abortion popular they could do it in those years. How are you the most aborted? Many babies in the 80s were aborted but nobody seems to bring that up either.

[Image: trendsinabortiongraph.png]

Look at this graph and tell me you were the only ones who faced high abortion rates, especially since much of Gen X was born before 1973 to begin with. I was born in 1986 and don't see low abortion rates at that year. When you look at the actual data, you see that you were clearly not the only ones aborted. Also I don't recall anyone telling me I will "survive" a school shooting. I remember tons of bomb threats to my school and lots of verbal, physical, and social bullying yet nope, didn't happen because some imaginary TV figure said so. Sure the TV may have praised abortion more in 1973, but in reality more babies were aborted in 1983 than in 1973. There's a big disconnect between the TV world and what actually happens in reality. That's why TV is fantasy.

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