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skipped an archetype like time before last?
(04-30-2019, 12:49 AM)TheNomad Wrote: I did not attempt to publish a numerical document on who and who was not aborted and when.  I meant to convey the idea up until Generation X, abortion was against the law and always had been.  What was it about these parents or prospective parents or not-wannabe-parents and the society they came from, the politics they helped craft and the civilization at that moment that allowed a law to be passed at national levels to abort the unborn and for that to be protected under our laws?

We are supposedly meta thinkers up in here, so if Generation X is not the Sacrifice of a Nation, what is going on here?  Nomads got the worst of everything, made the best of everything, hated by most, respected by few... what would Millennials say to their parents if their parents had passed laws prior to their birth allowing them, The Millennials, to be aborted?

I think they might lodge a protest @twitter and, like, sob through emjois?  But for real, the generation that EXPECTS to survive as a RIGHT............. what does that generation say if abortion were made legal when THEY were being born?

Yet, X got a peanut butter sandwich and told to clean up after themselves because mommy's new roommate is coming over.

Millennials were aborted. Numbers count more than attitudes because in reality it's results that matter. Also your generation name isn't viewed as an insult like Millennial is. To me it would be the same if it were created in 1983. If some baby born in 1992 was aborted, how are they less of a victim than the one aborted in 1976? I don't follow. Also, may I add that I do know what it's like to have "society" wish to abort me? People have been trying to come up with a prenatal test for autism. This is designed to eliminate the autistic population and some say "I would abort if my child was autistic." Yet nobody says "I would abort if my child were Gen X or my child were Millennial." Also the "progressive" Millennials are pro choice so your reasoning makes no sense. They don't see a fetus the same way they do a person after birth. Also, according to the 1995 Gallup poll, 56% of Americans were pro choice compared to the 33% pro life. Roe v. Wade would have passed in 1995 if you look at what people were thinking during the era according to the polls. I rest my case.

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