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skipped an archetype like time before last?
(05-03-2019, 08:27 PM)TheNomad Wrote:
(05-03-2019, 07:26 PM)AspieMillennial Wrote: What's unusual about Millennials (especially the 1980s borns) is there's both a fascination in new technology and old technology at the same time.
If anyone can talk about TECHNOLOGY in previous 4th Turnings I would appreciate it.
I don't have too much handle on WHAT IS TECHNOLOGY in terms of other turnings... because at any given time, anything can be TECH.

In view of the horrific wars that bedevil the typical 4T, I would say that the technology of military slaughter and especially genocide gets the most sponsorship. Heck, the Nazis took over the German division of IBM and found a perverse use for the punch card of early computers -- keeping track of Jews scheduled for extermination. Machine guns and explosives came into use in the American Civil War, and the technology of military aircraft advanced rapidly in the Second World War... not to mention the atom bomb. The Nazis were working on some 'wonder weapons' that might have been more successful, at least in a novel that I have contemplated writing. (They failed because Germany badly used its scientific skill and because Germany never conquered the oil fields of the Caucasus and the Middle East. Besides, the Americans, British, and Soviets had the good Jewish scientists).

Quote:Horse is tech.  Railroad is tech.  Waterscrew is tech.  It is difficult (for me) to compare and contrast the now with the past although the previous 4T is not so bad.  Radio, TV, cars, highways/transit.  I get it.  I am really now trying to understand the CW 4T and TECH.

Technology is itself amoral.  I just told you to what use the Nazis put punch cards.

Quote:Wouldn't slaves be considered TECH?  If we get real?  The CW decided what tech would be available to whom (or at all in this case).
You have the entire Confederate Economy locked up in a specific "tech" where they are Google and Suckerberg in mansions with their minions of trademarked code, platforms and systems... then what if there's a  "war' to take all that away?  Doesn't Sucker fall down into trauma, corps collapse, the whole TECH BUBBLE of right now vanishes.

Strictly speaking, slavery was more an institution than a technology, just are are religion, government, and capitalism.  I can say this: if the Trump vision of accelerating the depletion of resources to stave off economic stagnation succeeds, then the Crisis of 2100 will be one of the worst calamities ever in human history -- huge parts of the world disappearing under expanding oceans. Such land will include much of the world's most productive farmland, and even if that farmland is largely populated by poor peasant farmers, then that will mean hundreds of millions of people going from being barely able to feed themselves to being without land to farm. That is before I discuss desertification as rainfall patterns shift.

Disappearance of land will create legal anarchy and will spark wars involving people who must take over land  or die of starvation.

Our technology has been a good substitute form much of the material basis of the world -- but no technological miracle can substitute for food. There is no techno-fix for hunger. If you thought the killings of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were unspeakable, then just think of what happens when everything fifty meters above sea level vanishes.

We are at the end of the era, at least in the First World, in which more material goods bring more human happiness. We need fewer laborers in manufacturing because few of us need more than one car or TV per adult. If we use more energy we hasten global warming and worsen the Crisis of 2100.
The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated Communist  but instead the people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists -- Hannah Arendt.


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